Sedum mats

Sedum mats *

You are also at the right address at Hortimex for greenroofing.

With the help of sedum mats, a green roof can be made of almost every roof. The mats consist of several types of sedums, so that different colors adorn the roof from early spring to late autumn.

Sedums *

Sedum is a succulent species that can be found all over the world and is very popular for planting rock gardens. The plant is hardy and can be used on dry soil, with relatively little care.

Roof covering *

Our sedum mats are made up of high-quality sedum species. The mats are suitable for both flat and sloping roofs and provide a beautiful green roof throughout the year.

This way you can always supply the best sedum mats to your customers. Hortimex is only about quality. We have our very satisfied, regular customers throughout Europe. Because we stand for good prices and excellent products.

Garden *

Not only on the roof but also in the garden sedum mats are a popular item. Because of the direct result and the decorative appearance they give the garden a beautiful view. No weeds grow and cold and heat have no influence on it.

The construction is very simple: unrolling mats, cutting to size and giving some water for the first time. Immediately enjoy a colorful and evergreen garden.

Benefits *

• Sustainable
• Environmentally friendly
• Low maintenance
• Direct result
• Insulating

Contact *

Our competent staff can give you detailed explanations regarding all possibilities of sedum mats. You can reach us via the contact form, by telephone or by e-mail.

Our options for sedum mats are limitless.


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