Taxus baccata

Taxus baccata *

The Taxus baccata is a conifer from the yew family. This slow-growing hedge plant is very strong and hardy.

Versatile *

Due to the slow growth and the beautiful dark green color, the Taxus baccata is a very popular plant in all kinds of locations. Think of castle gardens, estates and parks. But it is also widely used in private gardens. The plant can grow very old and grow very high.

Especially popular is the Taxus baccata by plant artists, the most beautiful figures and forms are pruned. Among others in the palace gardens of Versailles one can see beautiful examples of this.

In private gardens it is mainly used for planting hedges. Given the slow growth they require little maintenance but become nicely dense and full. The hedge can, for the lover of it, be nicely trimmed and retains its shape for a long time.

Maintenance *

Water the first months after planting regularly, but the plant does not like wet feet. Twice a year pruning is generally sufficient to realize a nice garden division.

Characteristics: *

• Slow growing
• Can become very high
• Dark green shiny color
• Wintergreen
• Hardy, even with very severe frost

Advice *

At Hortimex we have specialized staff regarding everything that grows and flowers, they can tell you everything about the Taxus baccata and the many applications of this plant.

At Hortimex you are insured of the best Taxus baccata. We only deliver the best at the most favorable rates.

Hortimex stands for ….. *

• Always the best quality
• Large assortment
• Enough supplies
• Expert advice

Contact *

For questions about the Taxus baccata you can contact us via the contact form, by phone at: +31 (416) 53 05 05
or via e-mail:

Our Taxus baccata specialists are happy to help you.


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