Young plants

Young plants *

Young plants are mini-plants in trays, these trays often have 104 or 150 plugs. We have a wide range of young plants, they are available in the following categories:

• Perennials
• Grasses
• Ferns
• Bushes
• Fruit

Perennials *

We have them available in more than 1500 varieties. These perennials are known for their fresh crops and good rooting. Examples of best selling young perennials: Achillea, Agastache, Ajuga, Anemone, Aster, Brunnera, Campanula, Dianthus, Epimedium, Gaura, Geranium, Heuchera, Lavandula, Lythrum, Nepeta, Persicaria, Phlox, Salvia, Sedum, Thymus, Verbena and Veronica.

Grasses *

In addition to young perennials, we also supply many young grasses. Just like young perennials, these are mostly sold in the standard sizes. In addition, we also offer our young grasses as jumbo young grasses. These grasses are regularly potted in large containers, in which cases the standard size is not sufficient. We have a rich assortment of young grasses available, you can think of: Briza, Calamagrostis, Cortaderia, Deschampsia, Festuca, Helictotrichon, Imperata, Koeleria, Leymus, Luzula, Miscanthus, Molinia, Muhlenbergia, Panicum, Sesleria, Stipa and Uncinia.

Ferns *

With Hortimex Holland  you are also at the right address for a large variety of young fern plants. Ferns are beautiful plants that can be planted in almost every garden. The maximum heights of the ferns vary from 10 cm to 200 cm. Our young fern plants find their way to almost all countries in Europe. The best known species we supply: Adiantum, Asplenium, Athyrium, Blechnum, Dryopteris, Matteuccia, Osmunda, Phyllitis, Polypodium, Polystichum, Pteridium and Woodsia.

Shrubs *

Shrubs belong to the large group of garden plants whose flowering time varies throughout the year. So who in this sense has a ‘coordinated’ planting in the garden, can enjoy color and fleur around the house or company for 12 months. If we are talking about shrubs then you can think of forest plants, hedge plants, ground cover plants and solitary shrubs. Our range is very wide, some well-known species: Aucuba, Berberis, Buxus, Chamaecyparis, Choisya, Cotoneaster, Cupressocyparis, Deutzia, Elaeagnus, Euonymus, Hedera, Hydrangea, Hypericum, Ilex, Juniperus, Lavandula, Lonicera, Osmanthus, Photinia, Physocarpus, Picea, Pieris, Potentilla, Prunus, Rhododendron, Rosa, Skimmia, Spiraea, Taxus, Thuja, Viburnum and Vinca.


Eating a few pieces of fruit every day is healthy. Hortimex Holland ensures that fruit plant growers receive the desired starting material for the cultivation of beautiful plants with delicious fruits. We have a rich assortment of young fruit plants available, you can think of: Amelanchier, Aronia, Fragaria, Hippophae, Lonicera, Lycium, Ribes, Rubus, Sambucus, Sorbus and Vaccinium.

Young plants from Hortimex Holland *

The young plants that we supply are extremely strong and healthy. During cultivation, care is taken to ensure that no diseases are present.

With us you are guaranteed of:

• Large stock
• Very wide range
• Expert advice

Contact *

For all your questions concerning young plants you can reach us via the contact form, but we also like to speak to you by phone. And of course we are accessible via e-mail.

Ask our young plants experts for our online catalog and the corresponding prices of the young plant range.


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