The shrub as the basis of the garden

With our large grading of shrubs you can enjoy a nice full garden all year round. The shrub requires minimal maintenance and is suitable to nicely divide the garden as well as to create decorative corners.

With its many different leaf shapes and rich palette of green shades, the shrub is an asset to all gardens, from small to large. Since the shrub can stand in the sun as well as in the shade, it is suitable for almost every garden.

Hardy shrubs

Because the shrub is hardy, durable and graceful, it is possible to always have a green and colorful garden. Many evergreen shrubs can also be planted in large flower boxes, so that the roof terrace or even the balcony can be enriched.

Types of shrubs

Here we mention some of the many species that we can supply to you:

• Evergreen, such as Rhododendron, Thuja, Prunus, Photinia, Buxus, Pyracantha, Ilex
• Climbing, such as Clematis, Akebia, Wisteria, Lonicera, Hedera, Vitis
• For terrace and balcony, such as Azalea, Hibiscus, Lavandula, Rosa
And of course do not forget the fruit plants: Ribes, Rubus, Vaccinium

Prune and maintain

The pruning of shrubs rarely causes problems. The flowering varieties can be pruned depending on the flowering period in the spring or autumn. The evergreen and deciduous species can be pruned almost all year round, as the plant always grows nicely. Even if the shrub is cut to the ground, it is always a full plant again. So also very suitable for laymen in the field of gardening.

In addition to shrubs, we specialize in a variety of other plants:

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• Perennials
• Bamboos
• Ornamental grasses
• Ferns
• Hedge plants
• Shrubs
• Plant mats

Hortimex offers you:

• qualitatively the best shrubs
• always large stock
• expert advice

Contact Hortimex

If you have questions about species or the properties of our shrubs please contact us via the contact form. Of course you can also call or e-mail.

Our shrub experts are happy to give you advice and provide the best price.

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